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We want to make wearing jewelry EASY for EVERYONE.

Wearing jewelry can be a STRUGGLE for a number of reasons and our mission is to ELIMINATE that struggle. The Freedom Clasp offers "magnetic assistance" yet is a mechanical clasp which stays secure while worn. Unlike other magnetic clasps, ours will not pop off or come undone until you decide to remove it. With Freedom Clasp, you can truly accessorize with ease.

freedom clasp
freedom clasp
freedom clasp easy jewelry clasps





At a quick glance, The Freedom Clasp™ may look like an ordinary magnetic clasp, but looks are deceiving.

The Freedom Clasp™ has a patented self-aligning design along with a neodymium magnet which allows for easy application and removal. It has the holding strength to endure the rigors of everyday use without inadvertently releasing, but can easily be removed with a simple twist or the flick of a fingernail.


The Freedom Clasp™ is the collaborative effort of Master Jeweler Sonny Burgoon and Inventor William Duncan, ESQ along with his wife, Sherri R. Duncan, DVM.  As a 30 year veteran of the jewelry industry, Sonny saw that his customers needed a simple way to put on and take off their jewelry quickly and unassisted. When he pitched the idea to Bill, he said "My wife struggles with that every day!"  Sherri is an avid collector of vintage costume jewelry and wears it daily. Being fed up with the daily struggles of traditional clasps, and being tired of always having to ask Bill or others to help her, she was on board.


Sonny, Bill & Sherri believed there had to be a way to craft a new type of clasp which would do three things:

1. Be easy to put on and remove (unlike most clasps).

2. Offer strength to endure normal wear (unlike magnetic clasps).

3. Offer his client(s) the ability to apply and remove their jewelry THEMSELVES, without assistance.

"I can wear my jewelry again, without depending on others to help me."

- Mary Ellen Cavalieri, Client of Diamond Collection for 18 years

In an effort to help an elderly customer suffering with arthritis, and after trying an array of traditional clasps, Sonny's customer emotionally and defeatedly said "You may as well just sell my jewelry, because I can't wear it anymore."  Sound familiar?


  Sonny decided to let his customer try an early prototype of the Freedom Clasp and said "Let me know if this helps you or not." The following morning, Sonny found his customer waiting for his shop to open and exclaiming: "Because of you, I now have the freedom to wear my jewelry again. Thank you!"  

freedom clasp easy jewelry clasps


At Freedom Clasp™, we offer a complete line of clasps in various styles, sizes and metals to suit any type of jewelry. 

3.5mm (BA3.5) is the perfect clasp for smaller, finer chains. Also, most pendants with a standard or large sized bail will fit over the clasp so you can swap out your favorite pendants whenever you like.

4mm (BA4) & 5mm (BA5) models are perfect for medium sized chains.

6mm (MU6), 7.5mm (MU7.5) & 10mm (MU10) are perfect for larger chains.

The 7.5 and 10mm are the best choices for cuban link and other larger, chunkier styles.

The 10mm is currently only available in Zinc, and is the largest clasp we make.

The 8mm "Button" (BU8) and "Pearl (PL8) models are perfect for pearl and beaded jewelry. 

The "Button" has a flat surface and the "Pearl" offers a sphere shape design.


The Pandora Replacement Clasp (PR) is specifically designed to make wearing your favorite Pandora bracelet easy to wear. This clasp comes with a set of pliers so you can easily swap out your existing Pandora clasp yourself. 

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